MYSA's Annual Christmas Party with the often forgotten kids

On every Christmas morning since 1998, MYSA youth volunteers and our family join the largely forgotten streetkids at the Nairobi Children Remand Centre for an annual party.

In the team photo below, our granddaughter Sofia is the 3rd player from the right (she's also the smallest). Sofia qualifies for the Remand team as her father, Waithaka, as well as her Uncle Kareithi were both jailed there as little streetkids in the mid-1980s.

In addition to friendly football games, this year's party featured a large bouncing castle, face painting and even swimming in a small pool filled with water ferried from a nearby well, followed by a huge Christmas lunch prepared by the MYSA volunteers (chapatis, ugali, sukuma wiki (like spinach), chicken and watermelon).

Despite always over-estimating the food needed, in 20 years there's never been any food leftover. 

With best wishes,